Friday, October 5, 2007

Basic Rules of Win 2003 Domain Controller Creation

Basic rules of Win 2003 Domain controller creation.
1. Win2003 Cd installation.
2. Install The Latest Service pack.
3. Applying the ip address in Tcp/ip [Note: The Dns server address should be same]
4. Anti Virus Installation.
5. Domain Controller installation.
6. Dns Checking.
7. Windows Live update.
8. Applying The basic group policies.
9. Applying the password policy.
10. Appling the logon policy.
11. Applying the basic Audit policy.
12. Applying the security and user rights policies.
13. Removing the security Tab by using group policy.
14. Applying the Software deployment by using group policy. Eg: Msoffice & Acrobat.
15. Normal User creation.
16. Creation of Organization unit.
17. Define the group policy in organization unit.
18. Confirm the users are login to the Domain.
19. Finally take the system state backup or Automatic system recover backup.

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