Friday, October 5, 2007

Recovery Console Mode

Change the Recovery Console mode Password in Win 2000 Domain Controllers:

On Windows 2000, if you do know the Directory Service Restore Mode Administrator password you can easily change it to something else by using the following method:

1. Shut down the domain controller on which you want to change the password.

2. Restart the computer. When the selection menu screen is displayed
during the restart process, press F8 to view advanced startup options.

3. Select the Directory Service Restore Mode option.

4. After you successfully log on, use one of the following methods to change
the local Administrator password:

At a command prompt, type the following command:
net user administrator *

5. Shut down and restart the computer.

You can now use the Administrator account to log on to Recovery Console or Directory Services Restore Mode using the new password.

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